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About me
Paca Rodrigo
Born in Barcelona, in the bosom of an Andalusian family. My father was a singer-songwriter from the school of Marchena and a hard worker, my mother a creative and spirited dressmaker.
La voz y el cuerpo, el canto y la danza, son los lenguajes artísticos que definen mi formación académica.
Voice and body, singing and dance, are the artistic languages which defined my vocational training.

I studied in Barcelona at La Fábrica i Taller de Musics, in the U.S.A. at the Boston Conservatory of Music and Dance; in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the Opleiding Modern Dance and in Florence, Italy with the Group O.

I studied singing and vocal technique with Maya Mayska, maesta and soprano of the classical college of Berlin and with Joaquim Prou Basta and trained at two levels in techniques Voice Still Craft with Viv Mannin, Helen Rowson and Paul Farrington. 

As a tireless hunter, I watched and learned from performing. I went the way of searching and experimenting trying to find a personal artistic lenguage which I’m now summing up in the singing voice. I define myself as an autodidact.

I started professionally in the year 1981 at the Teatro de la Belle Epoque in Barcelona in a cabaret-show and in 1983 I took part in the Marató d’Espectacles in Barcelona where I presented myself as author and performer in my first production “El Saco”.

With a restless and curious spirit, with a vengeance for discovering, sharing and experimenting, I collaborated with artists having different artistic lenguages, using voice and song with dance, body expression, acting, images and painting.

During twenty-five years I’ve been at the side of Joan Baixas, sharing a family life as well as an artistic life. I collaborated in his shows, performing and composing vocal themes for his visual and theatrical work. Two children were born from our relation.

I founded and managed the Centre Artistico de la Voz  INTUIT in Sant Celoni, from where I initiated a project for creation and training in artistic languages and activities related to the voice.

Out of the Intuit association I manage and organise the Festival de les Veus (festival of voices) in Sant Celoni, now going in its fourth edition, with the objective to establish a popular commucation through singing and to raise interest and curiosity for this art by letting know about the voice as an instrument and its possibilities in the artistic and musical world.

Combining creation and teaching and enjoying both.

In the creative work, in my way of performing and composing, I’m looking for the essence, in the most profound, and thus to find beauty: the beauty of discovery.